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Sri Raghavendra Dream Home 1,2,3BHK Flat in Thiruvika Nagar Perambur

Our Flat is located at No.26, Raghavan Street, George Colony, TVK Nagar(Thiruvika Nagar), Perambur, Chennai - 600011.

This flat is built with stilt plus three floors where you can park your cars and motor cycles without any trouble.

All these flats in perambur tvk nagar were fully built with vetrified tiles, quality bathroom tiles and accessories, cool & good looking wall painting, furnished lofts and cupboards in bedrooms, modular kitchens and many more.

Each and every square feet is utilized to bring the best home feel to you, these flats will satisfy your taste.

Available in Flats Type Area
Ground Floor 1 1BHK 602 Sqft
Ground Floor 2 2BHK 880 Sqft
First Floor 1 3BHK 1164 Sqft
First Floor 2 3BHK 1035 Sqft
Second Floor 1 2BHK 886 Sqft
Second Floor 2 1BHK 500 Sqft
Second Floor 3 2BHK 847 Sqft
Totally Build Up 6795 Sqft

Ground Floor 1 BHK Flat for sale with 602sqft Hall- Living Room 12'0'*12'6', Kitchen and Dining Room 8'0'*7'5', Single Bedroom 9'6'*12'3', Show Rack

Ground Floor 2 BHK Flat for sale with 880sqft Hall- Living Room 10'0'*22'9, Kitchen 9'0'*8'0', 1 Bedroom 9'0'*11'0', 2 Bedroom 9'9'*12'6' with attach bathroom, Sitout 10'9'*4'0'

First Floor 3BHK Flat for sale with 1164sqft Hall- Living and Dining Room 10'3'*23'9, Pooja Room 4'10.5'*6'10.5', Kitchen 9'0'*8'0', 1 Bedroom 9'6'*11'4.5', 2 Bedroom 9'9'*12'0' with attach bathroom, 3 bedroom 9'9'*12'0' with Balcony, Balcony 10'4.5'*4'0', 2 Toilets.

First Floor 2BHK for sale with 1035sqft Hall- Living and Dining Room 10'0'*22'9, Utility Area 8'10.5'*3'0', Kitchen 8'9'*8'6', 1 Bedroom 9'0'*11'7.5', 2 Bedroom 9'9'*11'0' with attach bathroom, Study Room 9'9'*12'0', Balcony 10'9'*4'0', 2 Toilets.

Second Floor 2BHK for sale with 886sqft Hall- Living and Dining Room 10'0'*23'1.5', Kitchen 9'0'*8'0', 1 Bedroom 9'0'*12'0', 2 Bedroom 9'9'*10'0' with attach bathroom, Balcony 10'4.5'*4'0', 2 Toilets

Second Floor 1BHK for sale with 500sqft Hall- Living and Dining Room 14'9'*10'0', Kitchen 9'9'*9'0', Single Bedroom 9'10.5'*9'10.5', Utility Area 9'10.5'*2'6'

Second Floor 2 BHK for sale with 847sqft Hall- Living and Dining Room 10'0'*20'3', Kitchen 8'9'*8'6', 1 Bedroom 9'0'*9'0', 2 Bedroom 9'9'*10'0' with attach bathroom, Balcony 10'4.5'*4'0', Balcony 10'9'*4'0', Utility Area 8'10.5'*3'0', 2 Toilets.

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